Powered Stackers

Pallet stacker for high performance in the smallest areas

From the pedestrian warehouse stacker to the counterbalanced stacker, Yale provides a comprehensive range of stacking solutions. Each stacker forklift truck has been developed to optimise operations in the space required.

Productivity features

  • Automatic braking (reverse current) and regenerative braking
  • Smooth lift/lower control
  • Anti-roll-back and start up on gradients
  • Using a plug in console the controller can be adjusted to precisely meet the application and operator’s requirements for maximum productivity
  • Creep speed control allows all the functions of the truck to be operated with the tiller arm in the vertical position when being operated in restricted spaces
  • The MS10-12E model features an on-board charger for easy and convenient battery recharging

Ergonomic features

  • The low mounted tiller arm and ergonomically designed tiller head with angled hand grips, responsive low effort ‘butterfly’ controls reduce stress and fatigue on the operator’s wrist, thumb and fingers
  • Proportional dual lift and lower controls are positioned for left or right hand use
  • All controls can be operated without having to release the tiller for efficient operation
  • The low mounted tiller arm requires the minimum steering effort and provides enhanced operating clearances
  • The panorama mast with Lexan guard provides optimum visibility for efficient and secure load handling

Pedestrian Stackers

1000 – 1200 kg

Pedestrian Powered Pallet Stacker

1000 Kg

Pedestrian Stackers

MS10-20, MS12-16IL
1000-2000 kg

Platform Stackers

1250-1500 kg

Counterbalanced Stackers

1000 – 1500 kg

Rider Stackers

1600 kg

We have the following brands available for Powered Stackers.

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