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Combilift is the world’s first IC engine-powered multi-directional forklift with all-wheel-drive.

This highly manoeuvrable, safe, cost effective and superbly efficient machine is a combination of forklift and side-loader. The tried and tested design meets the needs of hundreds of warehouse applications and ensures productivity and operator efficiency gains that deliver real results.

Multi-directional Forklifts

The hardworking, versatile design of Combilift’s multi-directional range combines the advantages of a counterbalanced forklift, side loader and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in one vehicle, for a complete solution.

Combilift’s multi-directional forklifts can be customised according to your application and preferred fuel type. With the ability to work both indoors and out, the need for multiple trucks is eliminated, which optimises fleet size, increases storage space, enhances safety and improves overall efficiency.







Product Range

Combilift’s product range is the result of extensive research, innovative thinking and a passion for problem-solving. Whether you need to lift 1 or 100 tonnes, and whether you’re an independent trader or a global organisation, there’s a Combilift to enhance your operations.

Counter Balance Stacker

For a narrow aisle capacity 1000kg

Pedestrian Reach Stacker

Capacity 1450kg


Combi Cb

Multi directional counter balance truck cap 2500 kg – 4000 kg

Multi-Directional Forklifts

Ideal for Long Loads
2,500 kg – 25,000 kg

4 wheel sideloader forklift

Ideal for Long Loads over longer distances
5,000 kg – 6,000 kg

Straddle Carrier

Ideal for containers and over-sized loads
20,000 kg – 100,000 kg

Mobile Gantry

Ideal for Long and out of gauge loads
40,000 kg

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