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A Powerful Combination of Comfort, Productivity and Low Operating Costs


  • Versatile Solutions to meet the specific needs your application
  • Comfortable operator compartment reduces fatigue over long shifts
  • AC technology maximises performance & control
  • Reduced service requirements deliver lower lifetime operating costs

Models, Capacities & Lift Heights:

UNS140 1400kg lifting from 4800mm-7250mm
UNS160 1600kg lifting from 4800mm-7250mm
UNS141 1400kg lifting from 4800mm-8950mm
UNS161 1600kg lifting from 5400mm-8500mm
UNS200 2000kg lifting from 4800mm-8950mm
UHS141 1400kg lifting from 5850mm-10800mm
UHS200 2000kg lifting from 5850mm-12000mm
USS141 1400kg lifting from 4800mm- 8950mm

The USS Narrow Chassis Reach Truck for use in drive in racking

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