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If you operate a fork lift truck, you have a legal obligation to ensure that it holds a valid Report of Thorough Examination. This applies whether you own, lease or hire the truck.

For those unfamiliar with Thorough Examination, it is similar in many ways to a car's MOT test, but much more strict. Like an MOT, it is distinct from any maintenance procedure, and is a legal requirement that applies to every fork-lift truck in service, including hired trucks. Unlike an MOT however, it applies to trucks as little as one year old. Significantly, the user is responsible for ensuring that the truck has a valid Thorough Examination document.

The Thorough Examination should be carried out at least every 12 months. Depending on the application, the intensity of use and the nature of any attachments, the regulations may require this interval to be reduced to 6 or even 4 months. The person carrying out the Thorough Examination - the 'Competent Person' - will be able to determine the appropriate interval. The same person should also be consulted for advice on whether planned changes to the truck's operation or configuration will alter this interval.

JST can advise and carry out the Thorough Examination report. We have qualified technicians that are able to carry out the examination on your site. Thorough Examinations procedure meets the requirements of both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 legislation.


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